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Delia + Nico wedding at the Addison

If there were ever two people meant to be together, Delia Romero + Nico are the perfect example! The Addison venue was their ideal place for the happily ever after to begin. The most unique day of their lives was frozen in photos by Captured Beauty Photography of Palm Beach. Delia and Nico, Congratulations and Thank You for letting me to be a part of your wonderful day.

Samantha + Jason wedding at the Walton house




Jason is a former Mixed Martial Artist and TV host/Actor turned Entrepreneur. Originally from Chicago he loves his Bears. I call him a bottomless pit because that boy can eat - although you couldn't tell! He's very romantic. He's an amazing father to twins (6 years old) and a loving, caring son to his mother. He is all about family. Jason likes to say that I am classy chick with a bit of hood. I'm a social chameleon and can get along with pretty much anyone and am comfortable in any setting. I've been a dancer and athletic my entire life. Huge animal lover.
RIMAS FILMS is proud to share another wedding music video! An old school couple, representing true romance and immortal belief in fairy tale happiness, Samantha + Jason got married at the Walton House. This special day was captured in photos by The Light + Color and Hitched was so helpful with all of the events rentals!

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Carolina + Trevor wedding at the Harriet Himmel Theater

Trevor and Carolina met online after giving hope in finding anyone. They met for sushi which both love and realized had a lot in common. After meeting each other families, they realized, that this relationship is ment to be. And here we met at the Brazilian Court, where Carolina and her bridal party was getting ready for her special day. Tom from Munoz photography was there from the very begining too. After the bride and groom's first look, we set off to the Holy Trinity Episcopal Church for the sacred ceremony. Where the beauty of Daniel Events art was plain to see. The happy couple said their vows and we were of to the reception part of this wonderful day at the Harriet Himmel theater. The creative musical background and fierce dance mix later was provided by the amazing Vision DJS. And you just can not miss the spectacular wedding cake in the wedding highlight video, the credit for it belongs to the creative Johnson's custom cakes. The reception finished with a sparkly newlyweds' exit!

The Hashtag for this beautiful wedding - #caroandtrevwed

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Maharani Weddings publishes RIMAS FILMS wedding highlight video


From the moment, I met Alisha and Ilya I knew their wedding is going to be one of my favorite. I was certain, that the highlight video will be spectacular, as I could see the amazing connection Alisha and Ilya has and how they fit together perfectly. I was not disappointed on their wedding weekend, explosion of color and music, mutual love and respect shined through an outstanding dream wedding. Therefore, I am very excited, that the most popular south Asian wedding magazine, Maharani Weddings, has decided to publish Alisha and Ilya’s wedding.

Kim + Mike wedding at the Celebrations at the Bay

Mike and Kim met when she went to buy a car. The dealer didn't have the colour Kim wanted so she had to wait a day to pick it up. The following day, as Kim was talking to the Finance Manager, comes in Mike and rudely interrupts them in Vietnamese! It was pretty much hate at first sight. But thankfully, after a while, both felt imminent attraction and started dating! Got married legally a year later and now it’s The Wedding time! Both their families are very traditional, however, nothing about the wedding is traditional. Kim and Mike claim to be not perfect for each other and are complete opposites actually! However, being opposites allow them to complement each other. As I got to meet Kim and Mike, I saw not only love, but mutual respect and complete dedication to one another. I enjoyed filming this romantic wedding in Maryland and couldn’t wait for the happy couple to see it too!

Location: Celebrations at the Bay

Photography: KT Photography