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"Photographs are wonderful as they help capture moments, but a film captures the entire essence of your day from beginning to the end" 

I'm a cinematographer and an editor. Capturing an emotion in a creative and meaningful way is never easy. Every time I meet a new couple, I am excited and thrilled to learn their love story. See it through their body language, eye connection and portray it on my wedding film. The challenge of this process and rewards of capturing these moments on the most important day of your life, make me strive for perfection and draw deeper into field of wedding videography. 

Since I started RIMAS FILMS, my biggest passion and deepest heart desire was to create something, that not only me, but my clients would be proud as well. Something, that’s different, unique and spectacular. I create a vision for each couple and want to show how amazing beautiful and one of a kind their wedding was! Filming not only the events of the day, but incorporating the best angles, lighting. I focus on showing the real people in creative and playful way so that the sweetest moments captured can be cherished and relived for a lifetime.. 

I can't wait to be working with you! Rimas