Esther + Bayan wedding at the River Creek Club

Esther and Bayan have met more than ten years ago and fell madly inlove! They have invited me and Arvin Photography LLC to capture their wonderful wedding at the River Creek Club. Surrounded by so many loved ones and close friends, the happy couple have joined their lives and proceeded to have an outstanding reception party. It was my great honor to film this beautiful wedding. Esther and Banyan, thank you so much for trusting me with the most important days of your lives! Congratulations!!

Cristina + Anthony wedding at the Cheeca Lodge & Spa

'He was sitting across the room when in walks this short, tan, dark long haired Egyptian goddess and he was struck. She noticed him staring at her as she looked up and their eyes met for the first time. Against all of his natural instincts, he says: "Hi, my name is Anthony," She smiled back and said "Nice to meet you Anthony, my name is Cristina."
He calls it The Beginning of the End...'
The culmination of Cristina and Anthony's love took place at the Cheeca Lodge & Spa, where together with Chris Sosa Photography, we have captured the spectacular wedding! Cristina and Anthony, thank you for trusting me with the most special day of your lives. Congratulations!


Javiera + Gabriel wedding at The Villa at Calverton

"When your a kid you assume your parents are soulmates - my kids are going to be right about that"
Best friends Javiera and Gabriel joined their lives in a beautiful classic ceremony at The Villa at Calverton. Surrounded by friends and family the two lovebirds have shared the vows and partied the night away. Javiera and Gabriel, thank you for inviting me to witness your wonderful day. Congratulations!!!


Christine + Edward wedding at the Potomac Point Vineyard and Winery

'He knew I was the one because He felt I understood him entirely.'
Christine and Edward have joined their lives at the Potomac Point Vineyard and Winery in an emotional ceremony photographed by Genevieve Leiper Photography. Bachelor Boys Band kept the reception party up and running all night! I had a great honor to film this wonderful day. Christine and Edward, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day and congratulations!

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Jency + David wedding at the BWI Airport Marriott

BWI Airport Marriott hosted a wonderful wedding of two lovely people Jency and David. A colorful day full of laughter and happiness photographed by Mari Harsan Studios and decorated by L'Ambiance it was a spectacular celebration of love, which I was extremely lucky to witness! Dynasty AV & Entertainment, Caitlyn Meyer MUA, Patisserie Poupon and Limousines, Inc. are just the couple of amazing vendors who helped to make this day perfect!
Jency and David - congratulations!!!


Samantha + Andrew wedding at the Equinox Resort

Samantha and Andrew is the lovely couple I got to meet at the wonderful Equinox Pond, getting married at a natural serenity and just a beautiful location. Photographed by Kelsey Regan Photography this gorgeous couple is just as amazing as the wedding venue, they have chosen! After an emotional ceremony, the day carried on to Equinox - A Luxury Collection Golf Resort & Spa - Vermont, where Silver Arrow Band just blew our socks away with a wild reception and an outstanding party into the night. I was so lucky to be a part of this unforgetable day and I'd love thank you Samantha and Andrew and congratulate you once more!


Lynette and Tony wedding at the East Lynn Farm

You've heard the phrase, "Two ships passing in the night"? How about, "Two people passing out cake"? As this is how Lynette first saw Tony and Tony first saw Lynette. I got to witness their beautiful wedding at the fabulous East Lynn Farm. Photographed by Bert Gilliam and guided by Anna Bee Events, Lynette and Tony's day was long planned by their friends and family, who just knew they are meant to be together!
Lynette and Tony, thank you so much for trusting me with the most special day in your lives, it has been an absolute pleasure to capture it. Congratulations!!!


Cristina and Kevin wedding at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Miami

"We simply can't live and experience life without one another, and we have never looked back. We are your hopeless romantics who always find a way to make things work. We are polar opposites and are the perfect example of the statement that opposites attract." Cristina and Kevin's beautiful wedding took me to The Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Miami.
Surrounded by family and friends, the gorgeous couple has woved eternal love. I was extremely lucky to witness this outstanding day together with an amazing team of vendors: Carolina Guzik Photography, Prime Events & Productions, Cely's Events, Juju Booth, St. Germain Events and Design, TODO DULCES - EVERYTHING SWEET, Graci Davo Hair.
Cristina and Kevin, thank you for allowing us to be a part of your wondeful day!


Jessica + Joseph wedding at the Adelphia Restaurant & Events

Adelphia Restaurant & Events hosted a wonderful celebration of a beautiful couple Jessica + Joseph! They have invited me to capture their sacred ceremony at the Cathedral Basilica of Saints Peter & Paul and after an emotional union the outstanding day continued to a wonderful reception party led by DJ Taso: Luxe Event DJ & Production. Jessica and Joseph, thank you for choosing me as your wedding videographer. It has been a great honor and I hope you will fell in love with your video!

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Megan + Kevin wedding at the Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C.

“It’s amazing how one day someone walks into your life and you can’t imagine how you ever lived without them. We both say we knew we’d be together forever from the moment we met". Megan and Kevin had eyes only for each other on their spectacular wedding at the Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C. Joined in a sacred ceremony photographed by Paperbird Photography, the lovely couple had a day full of love and romance. I had a great honor to film this outstanding wedding and swing to the sounds of DJ Phlipz - Chris Valentin. Megan and Kevin, thank you for choosing me as your wedding videographer and Congratulations!!


Angie + Mike wedding at the Top of the Town

'When we met seven years ago, it sounds cheesy, but it was very close to love at first sight. We started dating and our commitment to each other has only grown stronger with time. We are each others best friends and soulmates!' Angie and Mike are one of the most open, sincere and kindest couples I have met. I have met them at the beautiful wedding venue the Top of the Town. Together with so many wonderful family and friends, these two gorgeous people have joined their lives in a romantic ceremony! Clare Mullins Photography is one of the outstanding wedding vendors who helped create this gorgeous day: Avalon Caterers, Cakeshine, Bialek's Music, Clare Mullins Photography.
Angie + Mike, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day!


Memory and Levar wedding at the Valley Mansion by Martin's

'In his arms, I always feel safe, supported and beautiful. And I can’t wait to spend forever with him.' Memory and Levar is one of a kind couple, which brings magical love back! And I was deeply honored to travel to Valley Mansion by Martin's to film their beautiful wedding! Together with Oris Photography, DJ RyRy and and Latonya we have witnessed a sacred ceremony and a mind blowing reception party!
Memory and Levar - congratulations!!!!


Maria and Patrick wedding at the Congressional Country Club

'We have a goofy relationship and love to make each other laugh. Laughter is a big part of our relationship.'
A lovely wedding day captured by Shelly Pate Photography and myself took place at the spectacular Congressional Country Club. Maria and Patrick have joined their lives in a romantic ceremony guided by outstanding Samantha and decorated by EDGE Floral Event Designers with one loud reception party led by Bachelor Boys Band.
Maria and Patrick it has been an honor to film your wonderful wedding! Thank your for allowing me to be a part of your beautiful day!


Ivey + Walter wedding at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach

'For you, I make a promise of fidelity
Now and for eternity
No one could replace this love
For you, I take your hand and heart and everything'
To the words of their favorite song Ivey and Walter have shared their vows and joined their lives in a matrimony at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach. Photographed by La Vie Studios it was an amazing day to be a part of. Together with Posh Petals Miami and Imperial Party Rentals, it was an honor to film your beautiful wedding Ivey and Walter, thank you and congratulations!

Jefreena and Nicholas wedding at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront

'We dated for about 8 years before getting engaged. We've been through thick and thin to be together, and this wedding is the end of all those years of waiting to be with each other, and starting our lives together.' Jefreena and Nicholas spectacular wedding took place at the outstanding Baltimore Marriott Waterfront. Akbar Sayed Photography and myself were the lucky wedding vendors to capture this wonderful wedding in all it's glory! Jefreena and Nicholas, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day.

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Dawit and Beth wedding at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center

A gloomy morning in Washington DC hid a wonderful occassion just about to happen - a traditional Ethiopian wedding of Dawit and Beth at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center! Surrounded by so many wonderful friends and closest family members the beautiful couple has joined their lives at the St George Greek Orthodox Church and danced the night away with the loudest wedding reception party ever!!

Vanessa and Yosmel wedding at the Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Miami

'Meeting him changed my world forever.'
Vanessa and Yosmel met years ago and in the middle of July this year they have invited all the family and friends to The Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Miami. The happy couple have joined their lives in a beautiful ceremony at the St. Patrick Catholic Church. Photographed by Alina M. Photography & Design and gorgeously decorated by A Lavish Moment Event Design it was a spectacular day to remember! Vanessa and Yosmel, it was my great honor to film your wonderful wedding and thank you for trusting me with the most important day in your lives!


Kara and Anthony wedding at the Morais Vineyards

'We've always had an understanding that couldn't be put into words. We've always gotten each other jokes and make each other laugh. We've been dating for 13 years. I can't say that we hit it off right away, but once we did we became best friends.'
Kara and Anthony two gorgeous people who decided to get married after years of dating at the Morais Vineyards! Their beautiful wedding day was photographed by Terri Baskin Photography and so amazingly guided by Sharon McCullough from Expert Events.
Kara + Anthony it was my honor and pleasure to film your outstanding wedding. Congratulations and happy marriage!


Giselle and Charles wedding at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort

'Ever since we met we knew we were made to each other. We started as friends, dating for awhile, and now we are about to begin a new journey in our lives. We both are Christian.'
Giselle and Charles beautiful wedding ceremony took place at the outstanding Pelican Grand Beach Resort, surrounded by loving family and friends they have vowed to share unconditional love and support. This spectacular day was planned by Events by Robyn Von and frozen in photos by Adam Opris. Giselle and Charles - congratulations!

Alyssa and Daniel wedding at the Dulany's Overlook

Alyssa and Daniel sealed their vows with a kiss and joined their lives at the Dulany's Overlook in an emotional ceremony. Captured by Alyssa- Wedding & Portrait Photography and myself were the lucky wedding vendors who witnessed this beautiful wedding. Surrounded by family and loving friends the happy couple has danced away this special night. Alyssa and Daniel congratulations with your amazing day!!!