Victoria + Ben Wedding at the Ft Myer Officers Club

Ben and Ana Victoria met at the the grad student bible study at the George Washington University Newman Center fall semester of 2013. Ben says it was love at first sight. They quickly found out that they were both law students at the same law school (GW). So, they started to hang out as friends. By spring semester, they were dating. Within a year, they were engaged. Ben and Ana Victoria have a passion for God, family, and friends. They truly believe God brought them together. They complement the other so well. Ben is the most kindest, generous, talented person Ana Victoria knows. Meanwhile, Ana Victoria is the brightest, funniest, and most beautiful person Ben knows. They both have a passion for languages and music. Ana Victoria grew up speaking Spanish and English and Ben has been eagerly learning Spanish. He even spoke in Spanish when he proposed to Ana Victoria at her graduation ceremony dinner! 

Ana Victoria grew up dancing ballet, tap, jazz, and salsa and Ben grew up playing multiple instruments. He is a wiz at guitar! They are looking forward to a lifetime of traveling, dancing and spending time with their families and friends.