Wedding in Washington DC

Luis + Erica Wedding at Herrington on the Bay

Luis + Erica wedding at the Herrington on the Bay was a spectacular festive of romantic and timeless love. I had a true honor to film their beautiful wedding and capture all the love and happiness. Luis and Erica both were a pleasure to work with and their love for each other was captivating. Most impressive still moments were captured by PhotoArt by Lu. I only managed to suppress all the sweet and wonderful moments from their special day into this highlight video, which I am so happy to share. Luis and Erica, I wish You both endless happiness and everlasting Love! Congratulations!!!

Makenna + Brandon Wedding at Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C.

On the hot sunny day of August, just before the summer ends, I had an amazing opportunity to film a wonderfully beautiful and truly emotional wedding of Makenna and Brandon at Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C. Let’s be honest for a wedding film to be memorable, you only need a happy in love couple, but for the wedding film to be spectacular, it’s easier to have an outstanding venue, like Trump National Golf Club Washington D.C., and an extremely beautiful couple like Makenna and Brandon. I am so honored to share the highlights of their perfect wedding. I hope You will be able to feel all the love and happiness I had experienced on this amazing day and enjoy this short wedding film, just as much as I did. I had a pleasure collaborating with the experienced M Harris Studios and  amazingly talented Black Tie Entertainment and  Makenna and Brandon, I thank You from the bottom of my heart for trusting me and I wish You both many more years of happiness!!! Congratulations!!!

Juliana + Dieter Wedding at the Toolbox Pilates Art Studio

Juliana and Dieter first met in 7th grade at a dance. Then they went to high school together but lost touch during college. During college Juliana was dating someone at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, where Dieter went, and he was dating someone at Columbia, where Juliana went, but they never ran into each other. After college both were living in Cambridge, MA when they ran into each other on the street, chatted for a while and decided to hang out, which is when they started dating. And have been inseparable since.

Roshaunda + Derrick Wedding at the W Washington D.C. Hotel

Roshaunda and Derrick met in Florida six years ago. They are total opposites: Roshaunda is very outgoing and vocal, while Derrick is camera shy and rather quiet. But their differences bring them together and they make each other complete. Both Roshaunda and Derrick are laid back and enjoy spending time with family and friends.