Wedding cinematographer

Noelle + Kevin's Wedding at the Hillsboro Beach Club

Kevin & I met almost 4 years ago in South Florida. I moved about an hour away to Port Saint Lucie, FL and didn't know anyone. So I decided to try online dating only for one week and that's were I met Kevin! I actually messaged him which is so not like me to make the first move but he had lyrics to a song from a band called "Sleeping At Last," which not very many people know of. The song was "Umbrellas." I was terrified of meeting someone online but it just so happened that we had a mutual friend and she told me he was a great guy so I decided to go out on a date with him! About 6 months into dating, I got an opportunity to move to Houston, TX for work and when I told Kevin, we said we would try long distance dating. Kevin must've really fell hard for me because he ended up finding a job in Houston and moving for me! We've been living in Houston together ever since. Anyone who knows us, knows that I'm super outgoing and Kevin is a bit shy but it works for us, we are the perfect balance. Fun fact: We actually chose the song that introduced us online as our First Dance Song. Umbrella's by Sleeping At Last.