Esther + Bayan wedding at the River Creek Club

Esther and Bayan have met more than ten years ago and fell madly inlove! They have invited me and Arvin Photography LLC to capture their wonderful wedding at the River Creek Club. Surrounded by so many loved ones and close friends, the happy couple have joined their lives and proceeded to have an outstanding reception party. It was my great honor to film this beautiful wedding. Esther and Banyan, thank you so much for trusting me with the most important days of your lives! Congratulations!!

Angie + Mike wedding at the Top of the Town

'When we met seven years ago, it sounds cheesy, but it was very close to love at first sight. We started dating and our commitment to each other has only grown stronger with time. We are each others best friends and soulmates!' Angie and Mike are one of the most open, sincere and kindest couples I have met. I have met them at the beautiful wedding venue the Top of the Town. Together with so many wonderful family and friends, these two gorgeous people have joined their lives in a romantic ceremony! Clare Mullins Photography is one of the outstanding wedding vendors who helped create this gorgeous day: Avalon Caterers, Cakeshine, Bialek's Music, Clare Mullins Photography.
Angie + Mike, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing day!


Giselle and Charles wedding at the Pelican Grand Beach Resort

'Ever since we met we knew we were made to each other. We started as friends, dating for awhile, and now we are about to begin a new journey in our lives. We both are Christian.'
Giselle and Charles beautiful wedding ceremony took place at the outstanding Pelican Grand Beach Resort, surrounded by loving family and friends they have vowed to share unconditional love and support. This spectacular day was planned by Events by Robyn Von and frozen in photos by Adam Opris. Giselle and Charles - congratulations!

Giordy + Yohanna wedding at the Rusty Pelican

'Cuando se ama de verdad ser fiel no es un sacrificio es un placer!' Giordy has been waiting for Yohanna what seemed to be thousand years and once they've met on 2011, nobody and nothing could keep them apart. I came to the St. Hugh Catholic Schooll to witness the beautiful ceremony uniting Giordy and Yohanna for eternity! PHOTOGRAPHY BY JDR and Jorge Hernandez - Vision DJs are the professional wedding vendors who helped to make this wedding a spectacular day to remember with an outstanding reception party at The Rusty Pelican Restaurant in Miami!
Giordy Vazquez and Yohanna - thank you so much for choosing me as your wedding videographer! CONGRATULATIONS!!!