W Washington DC Hotel

Sarah + Louis wedding at the W Washington DC Hotel

'Sarah and I are perfect for each other because we know each other inside and out. The saying is "opposites attract" but that couldn't be farther from the truth when it comes to us. Because we are two halves of a whole, we know what the other is thinking before its even verbalized. We are truly perfect for each other. We are soul mates!' That pretty much sums up everything I could say for this wonderful wedding, that took place at the W Washington D.C. Hotel, and this gorgeous couple - Sarah and Louis are soulmates, who have a magical connection! Sarah and Louis Congratulations!!!
Paperbird Photography, Atmosphere, Inc., Chris Laich Music Services, Vintage Floral Design, Hot Ice Inc., Glam To Go - the amazing vendors I get to meet for the day!


Roshaunda + Derrick Wedding at the W Washington D.C. Hotel

Roshaunda and Derrick met in Florida six years ago. They are total opposites: Roshaunda is very outgoing and vocal, while Derrick is camera shy and rather quiet. But their differences bring them together and they make each other complete. Both Roshaunda and Derrick are laid back and enjoy spending time with family and friends.