Toolbox Pilates Art Studio

Nneka + Eric wedding at the Toolbox Pilates Art Studio

Toolbox Pilates Art Studio hosted a wonderful wedding of a lovely couple - Nneka + Eric! After discovering each other all the way back on 2011, they have become the best of friends and the perfect halves to each other. I was honored to film this beautiful day together with Love Life Images: a sacred ceremony joining the two gorgeous human beings followed by an outstanding reception.
Nneka and Eric, I wish you endless love and happiness from the bottom of my hear. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


Juliana + Dieter Wedding at the Toolbox Pilates Art Studio

Juliana and Dieter first met in 7th grade at a dance. Then they went to high school together but lost touch during college. During college Juliana was dating someone at the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, where Dieter went, and he was dating someone at Columbia, where Juliana went, but they never ran into each other. After college both were living in Cambridge, MA when they ran into each other on the street, chatted for a while and decided to hang out, which is when they started dating. And have been inseparable since.