The Engineers Club

Nina + Ameet's Wedding at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront and The Engineers Club

Theirs is a Boston love story, made possible with a little help from friends. As Nina and Ameet pursued their studies in Boston and Baltimore, respectively, little did they know that their friends Alan and Molly already had grand plans for them. It was only when Ameet moved to Boston that this plan was unveiled. Alan wrote Ameet that he was good friends with a kind, beautiful, and brilliant woman who shared a similar passion for teaching and public health. After their first date at Mei-Mei, Ameet knew he wanted to see Nina again (and again), and Nina came home and told her mom she had an inkling that if she kept seeing Ameet, she would likely marry him. Over the next few months, they visited the Gardener Museum, took walks through the Public Garden, and enjoyed the butterfly wing of the Science Museum (all by themselves!). Ameet sought any opportunity he could get to hold Nina's hand; amused, she indulged him. As their courtship continued, Nina and Ameet grew to appreciate special qualities in each other--the failure of his occasionally gruff exterior to mask his idealism; the lengths to which she would go for her family and friends. Ameet knew he wanted to marry Nina, and on a cold December day he led her on a treasure hunt through Boston with the help of both of their families, leading her to the courtyard of the Gardener Museum, where he proposed.