RIMAS FILMS Videography

Maharani Weddings publishes RIMAS FILMS wedding highlight video


From the moment, I met Alisha and Ilya I knew their wedding is going to be one of my favorite. I was certain, that the highlight video will be spectacular, as I could see the amazing connection Alisha and Ilya has and how they fit together perfectly. I was not disappointed on their wedding weekend, explosion of color and music, mutual love and respect shined through an outstanding dream wedding. Therefore, I am very excited, that the most popular south Asian wedding magazine, Maharani Weddings, has decided to publish Alisha and Ilya’s wedding.

Jamie + Adam wedding at the Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

Adam and Jamie grew up in cities next to each other and frequented the same parties often. They never knew each other personally, but knew who the other was (Adam's 6'5 so Jamie couldn't miss him). After attending the same college and still never having met, Adam had mentioned to their mutual friend that he was interested in Jamie. She had coincidentally asked a mutual friend if she knew of any single guys and as the friend put two and two together, she mentioned Adam's name.  Adam was told Jamie is interested. Adam ended up contacting Jamie and they met that Friday night for drinks. The rest is history!

Location: Fort Lauderdale Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa

Photography: Emily Harris Photography

Lucy + Cyril wedding at the Oatlands Historic House and Gardens

As fall finally graced us with its presence, I travelled to Virginia to film a timeless and elegant wedding of Lucy and Cyril! Lucy and Cyril originally met at work - as consultants in DC. Both had strong opinions about not wanting to date someone they worked with, but obviously made an exception and took a risk to get to know each other, and it paid off. There isn't one thing that makes them perfect for each other - it's that they are very different, but have unique commonalities. Lucy and Cyril trusted me with their most special day cinematography and I am so excited to share their wedding highlight video! I think it portrays the newlyweds just as I got to know and respect them. I was honored to film this romantic and mixed tradition wedding. Lucy and Cyril, I would like to congratulate You again and wish the best of luck!


Photography: Mantas Photography


Cassandra + Boris wedding at the Clarendon Ballroom

It was winter of 2008, and Cassie and Boris were getting ready to embark on Birthright, a trip to Israel for college students. They first locked eyes at the introductory meeting, where they chatted and sparked each other’s interest. A month or so later, a connection was developing deep in the heart of Israel. On the trip, participants were encouraged to pair up for a romantic Shabbat date under the stars on the shore of the Dead Sea. It was that night that Cassie and Boris shared their first kiss, and stayed awake talking until the sun came up. When the trip ended and the duo headed back to James Madison University, the magic only continued. Falling in love in a beautiful place like Israel led them to pursue additional adventures. Fast forward through over seven years of dating and falling deeper and deeper in love, and Cassie and Boris found themselves on vacation in San Francisco, California, Boris arranged for a few Napa valley wineries for them to visit. Here Boris proposed using the setting Cassie’s G-Daddy had proposed to her grandmother with. Cassie and Boris spent the rest of the day celebrating with their friends in Napa.

Location: C;arendon Ballroom

Photography: Love Life Images

Shayan + Ligia Wedding at the Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center

I am so happy to share a beautiful, elegant and sweet Shayan and Ligia wedding highlight video! It was a romantic and intimate wedding at the Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian Center. I was humbled by all the love and happiness surrounding the beautiful couple. They couldn’t keep eyes of each other and I appreciate being able to witness and capture their endless love in a wedding film. I hope You will love it just as much as I do! I had an honor working with We Just Clicked Photography Co.

Shayan and Ligia I wish You all the happiness in the world! Congratulations!!