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Arielle + Casey wedding at the Park Hyatt Washington D.C

As I set of for another fall wedding adventure in Washington, my mind drifted to brief conversations I had with Arielle and Casey. They seemed so open and honest, kind and down to earth, I just knew, the wedding at Park Hyatt Washington DC will be romantic, timeless and unique. Casey and Arielle met during their sophomore year at Penn State. Casey hosted a pre-game party for a mutual friend's birthday. They started dating the next semester before Arielle left Penn State to study abroad in Australia, so they somehow convinced the parents to let Casey visit Arielle at the end of her semester and they were only 21! Casey and Arielle are going back to Australia for their honeymoon. Arielle says they balance each other out pretty well. Casey is extremely kind and loving and wants everyone to be happy. So, when Arielle desperately wanted a puppy two years ago, he gave in and now they don't know what they'd do without her!! You’ll notice the adorable pooch in their first look. Filming Casey and Arielle wedding was a true pleasure of mine. They were friendly, simple and very open to suggestions and ideas! I am so very proud to say that Arielle and Casey is one of RIMAS FILMS couples favorite! And congratulate the happy couple once more!

Location: Park Hyatt Washington   

Photography: Abby Jiu Photography