Stephanie + Jensen wedding at the Benvenuto restaurant

'Although Stephanie and I have known each other for seventeen years, it wasn't until recently that God brought us together. Over the past few months, we have been able to bond over my vast collection of dank memes, of which she is very fond of. I look forward to the times and memories God has planned for us!' Stephanie + Jensen fairytale at the Benvenuto Restaurantincluded all the family and friends. Guided by Marija Posavac, the happy couple enjoyed a beautiful ceremony and a spectacular reception photographed by Photography by JohnPaul. Eddie B & Company blew the dancefloor away with the perfect mix of songs! Stephanie, bedazzled by Kiss This Makeup LLC, and Jensen make a wonderful couple and even stronger family unite as they know each other for seventeen years and are ready for marriage. Stephanie + Jensen - congratulations!!!