Rebecca + Clayton Wedding at the The Inn at Mount Vernon Farm

On the last September Saturday, I came to Washington, Inn at Mount Vernon farm, a wonderful quiet venue in Sperryville, to film a romantic, simple yet gorgeous wedding of Rebecca and Clayton. Driving to the venue I usually know what to expect and this time was no different, I did my research and was aware of the lack of cell reception or GPS, but as I got closer to my destination, I realized that all of it is exactly what you need for a quiet little getaway or a spectacularly romantic intimate wedding ceremony and reception. I met Rebecca shortly afterwards and I couldn’t miss the glow in her face, it was her day, a special day and everything was going to be perfect! I met Clayton and knew, that they are perfect for each other! Not surprisingly that’s what I heard many guests saying. I enjoyed filming this wedding so much as the events just unfolded all by themselves and I got the opportunity to capture them. All the real emotions, a true love and never ending happiness were just floating around and it was amazing to film it for Rebecca and Clayton to remember. I felt so honoured and humbled to have this amazing opportunity to take part in this wedding and once again felt proud and happy of the work I am able to do! Rebecca and Clayton, I thank You for choosing me as Your wedding videographer and I wish You both a crazy happy spectacular marriage!

Location: The Inn at Mount Vernon

Photography: Jessi LeMay Creative

Wedding coordination: Magnolia Bluebird design