Lyra + Steven wedding at the Harriet Himmel Theater

It is generally acknowledged, that destiny plays with Your future. Although each and every one of us has the power to change it and build a life with our own hands. I am very grateful for having a job, that helps me to meet so many amazing people and get to know their stories. I have recently filmed a wedding in my favorite state, Florida! Lyra and Steven got married at the Harriet Himmel theatre. And their love story, certainly has to do something with fate. Lyra met Steven back in 2004 through her cousin Amado, who, actually, was the best man. The cousin is in the army and was deployed back in 2004 to Afghanistan where he met Steven. They became best friends and when they came home, Amado introduced Steven to Lyra and they've been together ever since! As Lyra was telling me, they are perfect for each other! Because first and furthermost, they are best friends! Best friends who laugh together, cry together, do everything together. There's not a day, that Steven doesn't make Lyra smile. And I have witnessed it myself! It’s like they both are connected with an invisible string! To film a love as beautiful and strong, as Lyra’s and Steven’s love, is an honor and my greatest pleasure. It helps my talent to grow and for the happy couple to relive their dream! Congratulations Lyra and Steven!

Location: Harriett Himmell Theatre

Photography: Montano Photography