Kim + Mike wedding at the Celebrations at the Bay

Mike and Kim met when she went to buy a car. The dealer didn't have the colour Kim wanted so she had to wait a day to pick it up. The following day, as Kim was talking to the Finance Manager, comes in Mike and rudely interrupts them in Vietnamese! It was pretty much hate at first sight. But thankfully, after a while, both felt imminent attraction and started dating! Got married legally a year later and now it’s The Wedding time! Both their families are very traditional, however, nothing about the wedding is traditional. Kim and Mike claim to be not perfect for each other and are complete opposites actually! However, being opposites allow them to complement each other. As I got to meet Kim and Mike, I saw not only love, but mutual respect and complete dedication to one another. I enjoyed filming this romantic wedding in Maryland and couldn’t wait for the happy couple to see it too!

Location: Celebrations at the Bay

Photography: KT Photography