Hope + Joseph wedding at the The Venue Fort Lauderdale

Swinging to the sound of Beyonce's 'Halo' at the Venue Fort Lauderdale Hope and Jospeh promised to love and cherish each other forever! The romantic ceremony was led by an officiant who never fails to create a true emotion, emphasize the laugh and laughter, Cynthia Capaccio Officiant! Together with her beautiful daughters and closest friends, Hope was getting ready at one of the hotel suites with the help of the amazing beauty gurus: Aaron Escobar and Styles with Stephanie. Everyone's eyes where on Hope, when she gracefully walked down the stairs with a Forget Me Not FlowerShop bouqet in her hands. And as the time came for the first dance Nestor Diaz brought tears to everone's eyes with a touching melody. All the guest raved about the outstanding food quality and the havenly taste of the wedding cake. I believe Bonnie from Cafe ala Carte should receive the credit. While the spectacular photography artist Adam Opris captured all the day events flawlesly! Hope and joseph wedding was first and furthemost a family affair, joining two halves of one sole.