Cassandra + Boris wedding at the Clarendon Ballroom

It was winter of 2008, and Cassie and Boris were getting ready to embark on Birthright, a trip to Israel for college students. They first locked eyes at the introductory meeting, where they chatted and sparked each other’s interest. A month or so later, a connection was developing deep in the heart of Israel. On the trip, participants were encouraged to pair up for a romantic Shabbat date under the stars on the shore of the Dead Sea. It was that night that Cassie and Boris shared their first kiss, and stayed awake talking until the sun came up. When the trip ended and the duo headed back to James Madison University, the magic only continued. Falling in love in a beautiful place like Israel led them to pursue additional adventures. Fast forward through over seven years of dating and falling deeper and deeper in love, and Cassie and Boris found themselves on vacation in San Francisco, California, Boris arranged for a few Napa valley wineries for them to visit. Here Boris proposed using the setting Cassie’s G-Daddy had proposed to her grandmother with. Cassie and Boris spent the rest of the day celebrating with their friends in Napa.

Location: C;arendon Ballroom

Photography: Love Life Images