Ajesh and Natasha wedding at the Sheraton Tysons Hotel

One of the things to look for in your future spouse is the ability to bring out all that's the best in you. And Ajesh told me: ' I first met Natasha when I was her ride to a Bible study. I tried to make conversation with her but she was quiet and shy, and barely talked to me. After the Bible study, I dropped her back off and I thought that was the end of it. But to my surprise, she texted me within a few minutes and after that moment, I couldn't get her to stop talkin!' The magic Ajesh and Natasha are sharing for 7 years now brought them to an aisle of Saint Katherine Greek Orthodox Church, where they were joined in sacred matrimony. The reception party took us to the wonderful Sheraton Tysons Hotel, where AISM Photography, LLC team captured the special day decorated by Manju Mehta! djkush from Mixed Sounds Entertainment supplied the perfect mix for an outstanding party. #johntojaan #johnsquared